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Roping DVDs

Roping DVDs are available. Anyone can purchase these. Just go to the Contact page and send your request and I will get back to you with the information on how to pay, etc.


Artist-Only DVDs

Disks of performances are available. However, only the performing artists or members of the group performing are able to purchase these. These are not available to fans and members of the public - or promotors, grandmas or whoever. Ask the group members for a copy.


By default the format will be a downloadable m4v/mp4 format unless you want otherwise. This means if you can view/edit an M4V you can edit what you like from your performance and make your own videos for promos or to send or upload. All the clips that you allow to remain on CasselmanCanada.com plus all your talking between songs, etc for your complete set will be on the DVD. If a song was bad enough so you did not want it on my site, I won't put it on the DVD/download either. Please check the site to proof your songs as once the DVD is sent out the songs will remain posted. The CasselmanCanada.com bug will be on the video. Ask for this version if you will be editing your video. This version is not meant for watching directly but so you can edit your own clips.


So, if you have never sat in the audience for your performance then here is your chance (hint hint). And, not being rude here, but it will also show you why sometimes I didn't get the title of the song even though you know you mentioned it. Your best critic may be yourself on how you present your material.


DVDs/Downloads are $50.00 each for up to about half an hour of video. These prices are for festival performances. Prices for special recording services are available on request. MP4 is another format; if you want this instead, please ask.


What will you do with your Artist DVD? Here is a video of what one artist did with her DVD.


Regular DVDs for Home Machines

For those of you who really only want a disc you can put in your home player or send to grandma and play like any rental, please contact me and I will see what can be done to make a regular playable DVD. The cost will be $50.00 plus $10.00 for multiples. If you know how to make DVDs then you could use the M4V file above- that is what I will be using if I make it. Ask for this version if all you want to do is watch the video.


Not Purchasing?

Finally, there is no obligation at all on the part of the artists to purchase anything from me. For those who just want to link to one or more of your songs. Please feel free to do that. Facebook, ReverbNation, Myspace and others link very well -- just be sure you select the thumbnail you want before you post everything, or you might have a thumbnail of someone else's video on your page. There are so many ways to link to pages or videos; if you need help just send me an email.

If you just want to make an anonymous donation because you appreciate me hosting your videos, that is fine too. Any donations through the button below will go directly to reducing my monthly 3-digit hosting fees. Thanks.

Just kidding. There is no button. Send cash- or a copy of your CD.


Purchase FAQ

Link to the FAQ for more questions and answers about Artist DVDs.


Other Shows

Some of the documentaries are available for sale on home DVD. Contact me to see if I have the show you want.

Please use the form on the Contact Us page for inquiries.


Many thanks for your efforts! Good work!

Thank you very much. Really appreciate your work.

The quality of your work is fantastic!

Thank you so much for the videos : ) Truly appreciate it!

It looks great, thanks so much!

I am really happy with the filming of our performance...

I really appreciate having the disc and all the material on it at my disposal.

...thanks for your time and expertise...

All is well, thank you very much.

Your videos look great!!

I am *****'s manager. Love your work from Mountain View Fest.

I'm honoured to have them there!

Thanks again, these videos will go to good use!

...these videos look so great! Thanks a lot!

Wow! Great job Dave. These would make great promo...

Thanks for the videos! That's great!

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate being able to see our performance (and learn from our mistakes). You did a great job.

Thank you again for putting my videos up, I appreciate it a lot!!

want say a BIG THANK YOU for the good work done.

Getting this out as fast as you did was muchly appreciated.

The dvd's are awesome!! We'll talk again soon I hope!

Thank you so much for sending these. I LOVE having them.

Hi Dave, thanks for videoing and putting us on

Wow wow wow. Thank you so very much for the DVD.

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