How to use CasselmanCanada.com

Just click to view. This site is not an uploading site for the public.

Question: Why don't you post the talking before or after the songs?

Answer: I believe there is a special benefit to showing up to live performances. Some of that is the chatter that goes on between songs. So generally I think that is for the benefit of that audience. Next time, buy a ticket and go live.

Question: Why can't I upload?

Answer: Because I don't let you. If I shoot or produce the clips then it is appropriate for the site.

Question: Why can't I download?

Answer: This is not a download site.

Question: Why can't I embed links to this site in other sites or social network pages?

Answer: Because I don't allow it as it actually takes people away from the site and makes it easier to download videos which is not supposed to be allowed on my site. Actually many times you can anyway. Even Facebook works sometimes and other times it does not work.

Question: What happened to that great video that used to be on the site?

Answer: It is probably deleted. I have been working to delete any video that is a cover or is under some copyright. What remains are my original documentary style videos and music that is "traditional" or in the public domain with the permission of the performer, or an original performed by the owner with permission to post.

Question: OK. It's not on the site. I still want a copy of the video so I can watch it.

Answer: Please see the purchase page.