Terms of Use

Enjoy. If not, leave quietly. Or you can email me with your comments or suggestions for a show.

Actually, here is the way it works. If you are an artist and I posted you on the site, thank you. Enjoy and feel free to link to the videos from wherever you want. Let people know about your video and tell them to watch it or link to it. If you had a bad day and think your video should not be there for all to see, email me and let me know. If you want a copy of your videos, see my purchase page to buy a copy of your video set. You can use that DVD to make copies, rip for uploads to your own locations or sell to pay your way through college.

All artists videos you purchase from me will have the CasselmanCanada.com logo in the bottom righthand corner.

I don't keep the original videos forever, so after a few months you would need to contact me and see if I still have your high quality masters.

You may have written a song and now find it posted on my site performed by another artist. Please don't get mad at the other artist for liking your song, but if you want you may email me and ask to have the song removed from the site. Or you can send me the information to have credit added to the information so everyone knows you were the original. I will fix things as soon as I know about them.